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In a traditional homeschooling program, families keep a structure that mimics the school setting. They purchase curriculum, tests, textbooks, teacher guides, and schedules. Parents who traditionally homeschool work with each child on one subject for a period of time. This requires a significant amount of hands-on teaching.

Many families appreciate the flexibility of homeschooling and are able to work school schedules around everyday life.

Traditional homeschooling allows the parents to choose a curriculum that fits their children’s needs and their teaching style, however, there is more to keep track of. There is also the burden of record-keeping, grading, tracking credits, and making sure they master what they need to know to succeed. All of this falls on the parents. However, parents can choose to share that responsibility with an accredited homeschool academy.

Online homeschooling programs are another option. Most of the online schools have prepared pre-recorded videos that teach the lesson. Students can rewatch these videos anytime they like to help them absorb the content. Tests and quizzes are graded immediately, so parents are aware of their child’s progression.

Online programs are not as flexible as traditional teaching. There are times your child needs to be logged into the classroom and there will be live videos scheduled during the school day.

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